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Flowers and Machines
Moments of majesty that transcend any musical genre

Flowers and Machines delivers a unique sound that can be best described as a blend of Euro electronic with neo-classical influences. Flowers and MachinesThe members: Ken Gerhard and Kat Jones are both accomplished artists/songwriters who have combined forces to create a distinctive sound rich in emotion and beautifully honest. Gerhard’s deep baritone voice contrasts beautifully with the ethereally angelic touches of Jones creating a seldom seen intimacy with the audience.

Flowers and Machines is:

Kat Jones [Vocals, Alto / Soprano Sax, Flute, Piccolo]
Ken Gerhard [Vocals, Programming, Rhythms]

Flowers and Machines began as a series of demos by Ken Gerhard of Bamboo Crisis in the mid to late 1980s. In 1989 he met the multi-talented instrumentalist Kat Jones.

Soon they began working together in the studio on other projects but were performing as Flowers and Machines by the early 90s.

In 1997, Flowers and Machines’ first release called “Eden” appeared on The Pink & The Black compilation CD (Delinquent Records) and quickly found a niche with club DJ’s.

On February 15, 2001, Flowers and Machines released their debut full-length album Remembrance at Underworld (Numbers Nightclub) in Houston, TX. Flowers and Machines Remembrance is available on Invisible Records and in select stores. Ask for it!

Kat Jones has been nominated best songwriter Houston Music Awards and is busy with her ambient solo material as well as remixing acts such as Blondie, Olive and Sparks with DJ JD Arnold.

Ken Gerhard has also produced and written for Bozo Porno Circus, Pinque, Sinister Sirens and Violent Blue.

Featured review of Remembrance
Flowers and Machines take a fresh approach to uniting 80s Euro electronics with traditional instruments and neo-classical influences. Jones’ flute and saxophone contributions and Gerhards’ acoustic guitar and bass blend perfectly with the ethereal keyboards and synth beats to create a rich new sound.

The stunning opening track of Remembrance, “Eden”, was also Flowers and Machines first offering when the song appeared on Delinquent Records compilation,The Pink and The Black. Other stand out tracks include the synth brilliance of “I Breathe” the dark melancholy of “The Garden,” the steady beat and uplifting attitude of “All in Your Hands,” and the touching “Sail Away.”

Overall Remembrance is a soothing yet danceable release that you won’t soon forget. ~OCTAVIA OUTBURN MAGAZINE