Bamboo Crisis

Bamboo Crisis

Technology is our only hope.

This dark trio from Texas creates beautiful textured dance music with a European edge. Driving percussion and powerful vocals by bc_cyberfront man Ken Gerhard elevates the band from the normal mediocrity of most Gothic and Industrial bands.

Featured review of Konspirosphere
from Columbus Alive – July 5, 2001:

Tenured underground heroes Bamboo Crisis have been around for over a decade purveying what they call EBM-Electronic Body Music. That it still stands up today in a genre keen on instant recycling shows an innovative streak that remains from 1990 debut A Tale From The New World through the new release.

Bamboo Crisis draws from a bevy of influences, but does so subtly enough so as to not be obvious, choosing to hit listeners with substance and style but sans a gratuitous BPM-fest.

Gothic moodiness is layered atop a ticking electronic heartbeat (Sentinel brilliantly melds Peter Murphy with Sisters of Mercy), occasional blasts of industrial-strength hubris (most pronounced on DNA, a track that could be a somewhat subdued Skinny Puppy) and some of the most melodic, accessible and soulful tunes from an electronic artist since Trent Reznor strapped in. To be sure, Let’s Play God is a long-lost Pretty Hate Machine descant, but with a modern edginess to the proceedings.

Konspirosphere is dance disc that’s not just for dancers, transcending the limiting genre with sonorous aplomb. ~Brian O’Neill


In 1990, Bamboo Crisis sparked the formation of ToneZone Records when they released A Tale from the New World to rave reviews. The single Perfect received local airplay on mainstream radio station 96.5 The Edge.

In 1994 keyboardist/programmer Kirk Graham joined and they released their follow-up e.p. Shapeshifter on 12″ vinyl, which reached top position #28 on the NET alternative dance charts.

The next year BC released the single Aftermath, again on 12″ vinyl, which appeared on the CDCulture compilation with artists such as Peter Murphy and Siouxsie and cemented BC as a dance club favorite. Aftermath charted for four months in Alternative Press Magazine (top position #17).

With 1996 came the release of their first full-length CD 51 Pegasi, which was critically acclaimed by DJs nationwide. Later that year, the track Killing Machine appeared on the Industrial Nation Fifth Anniversary CD Sampler increasing the band’s following immensely.

After continuous touring and recording the band picked 13 tracks late in 1999 and released Konspirosphere in 2000. Konspirosphere hit college radio with a vengeance, charting extensively during the summer while getting numerous reviews and much attention for the band.

Bamboo Crisis has performed at SXSW twice and twice again at the Winter Music Conference in South Beach Miami.

Bamboo Crisis has opened for national recording acts including: Information Society, Stabbing Westward, Chemlab, Chris Connelly, Spahn Ranch, Machines of Loving Grace, and the Electric Hellfire Club.