Bamboo Crisis – Sightings

Shapeshifter (TZ-200)

First sighting -1994. First threat of exposure 95%. Format- 12inch vinyl and cassette. Shapeshifter conspiracy programming incorporated into production. First indication of Bass replicating tactics in the sub frequency range. Results- First successful national chart assault against 8h4544vhgh f endtransmission garbled

Cdculture 10495-707

First contact – 1995. First indication of shared tactics amongst Homo Sapiens.
Progressive Dance Promotions (American East coast sector) proven collaborator. Bass replicating and cycling improved. Continued Analog manipulation using primitive open coil oscillators, very effective. Recommend expanded surveillance, to include PDP.

Aftermath (TZ-300)

First sighting-1995. Format-12inch vinyl. Production techniques continue to improve. Homo Sapiens understanding of analog replication enhancements superb. More bass cycling at faster frequencies, producing a better response. First use of captured technology, NASA involvement (Arp 2600) confirmed and intensified.

IN CD 13 Industrial Nation 5TH Anniversary Compilation CD.
First sighting-1996. Not much information since first report 1995. Unidentified involvement with foreign agency suspected, multiple sightings confirmed. Recommend expanded surveillance.

Killing Machine

Pegasi 51 (TZ-400) 

First-sighting 6/1996.
Fully digitized and optimized for aural stimulation. Extended duration algorithms. Technology encrypted with unknown intensifier, equations seem to interrupt Sapiens Superior telekinesis ability. Uncovered US Government involvement with original conspiracy. First reference to home coordinates verified. Multiple references to evidence and technology cover-up. Recommendation-Bamboo Crisis will expose us and the truth. At this point hdfgjf endtransmission gar



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