Artist Roster

Artist Roster

We have a wonderful and talented group of artists here at ToneZone. We appreciate your support and encouragement and for sharing our story with your friends..

Bamboo Crisis

bc_cyberTechnology is our only hope.

This dark trio from Texas creates beautiful textured dance music with a European edge. Driving percussion and powerful vocals by front man Ken Gerhard elevates the band from the normal mediocrity of most Gothic and Industrial bands. Read More 

Bozo Porno Circus

Bozo Porno Circus broke onto the scene in 1998 with an award winning self produced CD entitled~Cybersmut and a no holds barredBoZo PoRno CiRcUs Texas live show featuring the PornStarzz- sexy fetish performers who bring the sinister themes of BPC’s music to life. Dark and disturbing, ~Cybersmut portrays a menacing world, a cesspool of sex and violence set to a thunderous robotic dance-beat, slashing guitars and layers and layers of heart-pounding programming. BPC won the coveted “BEST INDUSTRIAL” title from both Houston newspapers that year, including a nomination for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for its “rock solid programming”. Visit Bozo Porno Circus Web Site



Flowers and Machines
Moments of majesty that transcend any musical genre.

Flowers and MachinesFlowers and Machines delivers a unique sound that can be best described as a blend of Euro electronic with neo-classical influences. The members: Ken Gerhard and Kat Jones are both accomplished artists/songwriters who have combined forces to create a distinctive sound rich in emotion and beautifully honest. Read more about Flowers and Machines